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Tooth Fairy Fund

Did you know that here in Wisconsin—since Medicare does not cover dental, and there is no other program for adults without dependent children—most retired people cannot afford to go to a dentist? With the average visit for a simple filling costing between $150 and $250, those on a fixed income simply have nothing left over for such expenses. The Tooth Fairy Fund has been set up to help those in need. Your donation, however small, is never insignificant. By simply clicking on any donation button found at the bottom of this website’s pages, you can make a difference. We seek out those in need, and 97% of every dollar goes directly to pay dental bills. The rest is used for locating these people by way of advertising. If you have ever had a toothache, please have the compassion to help alleviate someone’s pain. Tooth infection can cause a myriad of health problems—including heart, gastrointestinal, and anything related to a weakened immune system. Please help us to help others. Thank you.

Please help us to help others! ~ Donate to the Tooth Fairy Fund today ~ Thank you.


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The ultimate clickable website!

Click on pictures for more info.

Click on almost anything!


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